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Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Centralized location to view live desktop activities of each employee
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28 May 2010

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Large multinational organizations have a fleet of computer systems deployed for managing business operations and carrying forward the desired procedures. Owing to their precision in working and wide variety of features that make professional process simple to route through. Diverse set of software and applications are developed keeping in mind the business and its requirements to carry on their work. IT businesses are thriving owing to the computer revolution and being a part of such a network has consistently proved to be extremely lucrative. Especially the spy software helps in extraction of details of computer usage that can be useful for network administrators to keep a tab on employees. Employee Desktop Live Viewer 10.02.02 is an application with a similar premise that assists employers in supervising employee activities while they are at work.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer opens with an organized interface with the main options placed at the top pane and left panel displaying list of computers that are to be monitored in a particular network. Main screen shows the desktop screenshots of all the listed systems that are to be monitored that provides details on what work is being done on each system. The computer systems can be remotely tracked and controlled and all details are made available to the application controller regarding sending of instant messaging and e-mail notifications along with closing, restarting and locking screen. Moreover, each user activity can be recorded and saved to AVI files that can be viewed with the Windows Media Player. Offline recordings can also be scheduled and set while the administrator is not on the desk and helps in continuous monitoring.

To conclude, Employee Desktop Live Viewer 10.02.02 comes across as a useful utility that can significantly affect the productivity percentages in organizations; however gets a rating score of 3 points for its common functionalities.

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View Live what your employees do during their working hours? Every employee desktop activity is viewed from one central location with Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool. This tool provides an insight into the desktop of employees and displays their activities just like a movie.

Remote network computers are tracked, monitored and managed for their activities. Management of remote computers being monitored includes sending instant messages, sending monitoring notifications with closing them, restarting, locking, starting the screensaver and removing the desktop wallpaper. Every user activity can be recorded and saved to AVI files and viewed with Windows Media Player. Offline recordings can be scheduled when admin is away from the desk and cannot perform continuous monitoring. Works effectively in workgroup and domain based network with the help of Viewer and Agent setups.
Employee Desktop Live Viewer is the best choice for Organizations to protect their crucial information from getting transferred to others through emails, chats, FTP transfers. Put a stop to all these and employ Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool in your Organization. Download the 7 day free trial to use the software.
Employee Desktop Live Viewer
Employee Desktop Live Viewer
Version 10.02
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